Wholesale Retail Products

Best Wholesale Retail Products Suppliers in the UK

Whether you own a small or large retail business buying and selling goods, it is important to choose the best wholesale suppliers that will save you money. Buying from wholesale suppliers allows you as a business to buy in bulk and large quantities to sell in your retail shop. The products can be bought at a lower price saving you money in the long run. By observing your trends in store, you can invest in products that will sell for you and reach out to the right audience. So, if you are looking for stock to sell in your retail business here are some of the best wholesale retail suppliers in the UK.


Solv-X is one of the leading wholesalers and suppliers of retail products in the UK. The company collaborates with some of the leading brands to supply quality and innovative products to the UK retail industry. Their product range includes baby, stationery, personal, home, health, pet care, seasonal, vaping, party, audio mobile, lighting, hardware, drinks, candles, toys, and so much more. The brands that are supplied include BIC, magic trees, EDGE, pretty legs, and many more. Order online today for quality and cheap wholesale retail products.

Pound wholesale

Pound Wholesale is one of the UK’s leading and best wholesale suppliers and distributors. Pound Wholesale has over 100 years of combined experience supplying business, different industries, and discount stores with quality products at wholesale prices. They offer a wide range of products with savings that are unbeatable. With over 3000 products available you are spoilt for choice. Pound Wholesale offers an efficient and fast service to customers. They offer an extensive product range which includes cleaning products, toys, homeware, baby supplies, DIY, pet supplies, stationery, and kitchenware. Cost savings solutions that will drive your business.


Established in 2001, MX wholesale is one of the top online wholesalers for retail products. MX wholesale offer a wide range of products suitable for the retail industry these include outdoor and garden tools, toiletries, DIY, health and beauty items, makeup, party supplies, toys, housewares and accessories, stationery, Christmas range, camping equipment, and much more. The pound line range means you can stock up on quality products at very cheap wholesale prices. They also offer discounted wholesale clearance products some of these include disinfectant wipes, bucket and spade set, pens, kitchen towels, large shopping bags, and much more.

O Reilly’s

O Reilly’s is an independent wholesaler distributor in the UK. They are your one-stop shop for everything you need to keep your retail store stocked up with quality products at very affordable prices. O Reilly’s supply discounters, supermarkets, service stations, leisure facilities, hot food establishments, and much more. They supply more than 4000 products to both the export and local retail market. The product range includes confectionery, grocery, household products, snacks, baby food, and much more. Get your retail business stocked up with quality products at very cheap wholesale prices. You won’t be disappointed.

Harrisons direct

Harrison’s direct is award-winning wholesaler and retail suppliers in the UK. Established in 1919 and have built a reputation for their exceptional quality products sold at very reasonable prices. The company specialise in a large range of wholesale products including stationery, confectionery, health and beauty, and much more. They supply the most popular brands on the market some including flash, Mr. sheen, and many more. Harrisons have been trading for over 100 years with branded and high-quality wholesale products. Check out their range of products online today and if you have any questions you can get in touch.