Prince – Rubber Wheel Go Kart / Cart – Blue- 3-8 Years


  • Colour available – Blue/Black
  • Age suitable – 3-8 years old (parent supervision is required for younger kids)
  • Running time – unlimited
  • Charging time – a night’s sleep
  • Suitable surfaces – flat surface, grass or flat lawns, or any relatively firm surface
  • Battery type – None
  • Maximum speed – As fast as your child can pedal.
  • Box weight and size – 95 x 62 x 25cm, 13.4kg GW
  • Dimensions – 101cm long, 61cm wide, 62cm high


This pedal go-kart will provide hours of great fun with exercise combined!

The go-kart features a seat that you can adjust which will allow more room with growing kids, it is exceptional quality and assembles easily.

  • Inflatable rubber wheels – for a superior ride the kart features real rubber tyres.
  • Metal frame – the go-kart is robust and strong as it has a metal drive axle with metal tubular chassis.
  • Hand brake – pull the lever to operate the hand brake, the brakes are located on the back wheels of the go-kart.
  • Gear lever – the go-kart can be pushed without needing the pedals to turn as it features a gear lever which allows the pedals to be dis-engaged.
  • Assemble Easy – it is not difficult to assemble this go-kart, it is easy to make model and can be used in no time at all.
  • Seat is Adjustable – the seat can adjust both forward and backward, so as your child grows the seat can be adjusted to their size.
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