Red R/C Twin Motor Tractor – 12V Kids’ Electric Ride On Tractor


  • Seat type – one seat  
  • Colours available – yellow, red, blue  
  • Dimensions – 135cm long, 70cm wide, 70cm high  
  • Optional parental remote – yes, 2.4G Bluetooth  
  • Suitable age range – 3-6 (if younger supervision by a parent is required)  
  • Suitable operating surface – flat or firm surfaces and lawns only  

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If you have a budding farmer at home, our lovely-looking tractor is ideal. It has some great features, a front loader bucket, and an optional parent remote control. It is a budget-friendly price also.

This 12V tractor has some great features these include:

  • Twin motors – each rear wheel features two twin motors allowing for better performance on grass or rougher surfaces.
  • Loader bucket – tilting and raising loader bucket which you operate by the levers in front of the steering wheel.
  • Parental remote control – use the controls inside the car to operate the tractor using the steering wheel, forward and reverse gear lever, and the pedal. You can also use the parent remote control to operate the tractor. The remote is Bluetooth connected so there will be no interference. You can operate the tractor from 20m away with the parental remote control moving the tractor in forwards and reverse motions using the steering wheel left and right.
  • Horn sounds – steering wheel activates the music and horn sounds.
  • MP3 player input – the cable inside the car can be plugged into the dashboard, which will allow an MP3 player or any other device that has a headphone to be plugged in. The music will then play through the speaker in the car. The in-car sounds will disable once the device is plugged in.
  • Twin speed – low and high gears can be picked with the switch on the dashboard.

Other Information

  • Suitable age range – 3-6 years old (if younger parent supervision is required)
  • Type of motor – twin 12V 25W motors
  • Maximum speed – 5km/h
  • Colours available – yellow, red, blue
  • Parental remote – yes 2.4G Bluetooth (optional use)
  • Box weight and size – 110 x 56 x 45cm, 15Kg GW
  • Charge time – for a full charge 10 hours
  • Dimensions – 135cm long, 70cm wide, 70cm high
  • Run time – up to 1 hour from a full charge (it depends on the use)
  • Suitable operating surface – firm surfaces, flat surfaces, lawns only
  • Seat type – one seat
  • Battery type – 12V (1 x 12v, 7Ah) lead acid